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WHO? Hom...Jaizen Hom...multicultural man of mystery who wants us to live in more of a mixed world, where various forms of lifestyle including food, fashion, art, music, and entertainment meet for the first time. From nothing to something, adopted as a New York City native, now living again in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, Jaizen has gained expanded knowledge and experience from top professionals, peers, & the most talented teams in their various fields in multiple arenas as a Spokesmodel, SAG Actor, Artist, Host, Curator, Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Casting Director, Producer, and Network Owner who's worked aside Superstars such as Britney, Enrique, Jay-Z & Beyoncé; he's a Humanitarian who wants to connect us all.

WHAT? Being blessed to be in great company, for over two decades he’s been spotlighted as one of the first nominated contract male supermodels of the year for famous designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hugo Boss, Versace, amongst most others in America and overseas. Also featured on a dozen top industry magazine covers, showcased on countless runway shows globally, and in major in-store, online and catalogs worldwide. Honored to act, Jaizen can be seen in quite a few hit videos, tv, film, and principal commercial spots for household brand names such as Pepsi, Budweiser, Samsung, and currently KIA. Not taking anything too seriously, he views himself as an artist; since childhood, he would sell his graffiti to classmates. Flash-forward, Jaizen would have his pieces showcased in museums. After all, aren't we all artists to some degree? He would ask himself. An activist on numerous subjects; please inquire to know more ; )

WHERE? After touring, hosting and coordinating a memorable amount of special events at his exotic venues with major sponsors over the years from coast to coast including celeb clients Lady Gaga, Diddy, and Pamela Anderson to name a few; much charity work has been accomplished. Mr. Hom has slowed down a bit to pick and choose which future installments mean the most; especially interested in seeing what ties in with his new network theme named THEmPOT. When Jaizen's not on top-secret missions, you can find him fishing, or doing other outdoor and indoor activities with his lovely lady & their dapper dogs at Fifi & Romeo (website built by Jaizen) with ❤️  : )

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